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What is backlink? | Free backlinks checker tool | what is backlinks in seo example | types of backlink | how backlink work


               Hello friends how do you expect all of you to have fun today we are going to talk about backlinks what is backlinks, how backlinks work, types of backlink , Which are free backlinks tools, and why it is so important to backlink seo and some examples let's start.


               Google has change his algorithm now Google does not give importance to the backlink, it gives the most importance to your post, how you wrote the post means content is the king.

                 But if there is a little backdose backlink on your site then you can easily get ranked, you can rank very fast, at work time, if there is no backlink then it takes a little time to rank,

               What is backlink

              Backlinks are a part of your website, without a backlink, it takes a lot of time to rank your post, and if you have a backlink on your post or website, it ranks a little sooner,

               Backlink means you can go to the website of others by commenting (if you want to comment on any website, take a look at the Da and PA of the website, if the DA, PA is OK, do comment on website ) also call it a backlink

                 Or you can contact the owner of that website and you can tell him that the link of your post give his on post website This means that the link to your website is called backlink, wherever you share it.

             How Backlink Works

           Where you have given a link of your post or website link by clicking on that link, any user comes to your website, due to which your user's grows you have the chance to post your rank in Google.

              Types of backlinks

       There are two types of backlinks

(1) Do follow Backlink

(2) No Follow Backlink

              These are two types of backlinks. Do follow backlink is very important you can rank fast with Do follow backlink for your website, but if you have just do follow backlink on your site, then it is black hat SEO in Google's eye. Means this is Harm for your website 

              So a little No Follow backlink is also necessary on your site so that your site is safe, and always take a look at that website, Da, PA, once before take a backlinking for your site

            Free backlinks checker tool

(4) SEMrush

                    The end 

           So friends have so far understood that how important is backlinks to your website